JENESYS 2.0 Japan-ASEAN Student Conference

Organized and Implemented by
Center for International Youth Exchange

JENESYS 2.0 Japan-ASEAN Student Conference

Japan-ASEAN Student Conference was held with 149 youth from ASEAN Member States (AMS), mainly studying at universities and graduate schools for 9-night 10-day from Saturday, December 7, 2013 to Monday, December 16, 2013.

Participants from AMS visited some places in Tokyo with Japanese volunteers. Participants were divided into five multinational groups by discussion topics and each group visited one of those local prefectures/city, Shiga Prefecture, Wakayama Prefecture, Tottori Prefecture, Hakodate City, Hokkaido and Kagoshima Prefecture, for local programme including visits to local institutions related to discussion topics and experience of local traditional culture to understand variety of culture, traditions and life style in Japan. The 3-night 4-day Discussion Programme (December 12-15) was scheduled to be implemented at the same period of the the ASEAN-Japan Special Summit Meeting.

In order to understand the situation of some issues in each country and participate in the 3-night 4-day Discussion Programme with Japanese students, participating youth discussed and shared ideas by each discussion topic group. As the discussion topics, “Education,” “Entrepreneurship,” “Environment and Corporate Social Contribution (CSC),” “Social Contribution Activities of Youth based on the Volunteerism” and “Traditional Culture” were chosen among various issues shared in Japan and AMS, under the common theme “The cooperative role of youth in ASEAN and Japan towards peace, stability, development and prosperity in Asia.” During the program, participants summarized social activities in which they would continue to be active by themselves after the Japan-ASEAN Student Conference, considering the cooperation among Japan and AMS in each area of discussion. Discussion output including action plans were submitted to the ASEAN Secretariat with the project completion report.

On December 13, the first ladies of ASEAN Member States and Japan visited the participants to listen their experiences, followed by a special talk session for representatives from each participating country with Mrs. Akie Abe, First Lady of Japan.